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Scroll is a security-focused scaling solution for Ethereum, using innovations in scaling design and zero knowledge proofs to build a new layer on Ethereum. The Scroll network is more accessible, more responsive and can support more users at once than Ethereum alone. If you’ve ever used or developed an application on Ethereum, you’ll be right at home on Scroll.

Want to try out the Scroll Sepolia testnet with free assets before using Scroll? Check out our User Guide.

What is Scroll building?

Scroll is building the technology to scale Ethereum.

While Ethereum is the leading blockchain network for powering decentralized applications, its popularity also brings higher costs, creating a barrier to adoption for the next wave of users and developers.

Leveraging cutting-edge research in zero knowledge (”zk”) proofs , Scroll is building a Layer 2 rollup network on Ethereum. The team, in open-source collaboration with others in the Ethereum community, has created a “zkEVM” that allows for all activity on the network, which behaves just like Ethereum, to be secured by smart contracts on Ethereum. The network publishes all of the transactions to Ethereum, and the zkEVM creates and publishes cryptographic “proofs” that the Scroll network is following the rules of Ethereum.

Ultimately, Ethereum smart contracts verify that every transaction on Scroll is valid for these proofs, lending the network incredible security, decentralization, and censorship resistance. This level of security and scalability for Ethereum is only possible with recent breakthroughs in zero knowledge cryptography, blockchain protocol design, and hardware acceleration.

For more information on our architecture, see Scroll Architecture.

Can I use Scroll today?

Scroll mainnet on Ethereum is live! We also have a testnet running on Ethereum Sepolia, the Scroll Sepolia testnet. Although we have a comprehensive guide, if you’re familiar with using Ethereum, you can get started in minutes:

  • Visit our Bridge or Scroll Sepolia Bridge and connect your wallet
  • Send tokens from Ethereum mainnet to Scroll (or use a Scroll Sepolia faucet)
  • Test out Scroll Sepolia testnet dapp like our Uniswap Showcase or even Aave — just be sure to select the Scroll Sepolia network!

Where is Scroll headed?

We’ve released our mainnet on Ethereum, but there’s still more work to do. Next up — decentralizing each component of the stack. To stay up to date, check out our blog or follow along in our Discord or on Twitter.

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